Zoo App

Zoo App


Zoo App

A digital encyclopedia for zoo animals. Purchase zoo tickets and browse zoo animal facts all in one app.



Zoo plaques can be hard to access during crowded periods, and cannot be easily updated.


Design a modular information structure for animal info. Create easy access to animal information for both general use and inside a zoo for users.


Nearby Animals

The Zoo App determines which animals are nearby via geofences associated with each animal exhibit. This surfaces relevant animal profiles without the need to constantly interact with search during a zoo visit.


Multiple Nearby

When several exhibits are nearby, multiple animals can be shown at once.


Discarded Mocks

These early explorations were too overwhelming and frequently obstructed the rest of the app. 


Animal Profiles

View detailed descriptions, images, habitat information and population data for each zoo animal. This information can easily be updated to accurately reflect conservation trends and new findings.


Zoo Page

View business hours, descriptions and zoo specific animals. You can also access directions, call the zoo, or even purchase tickets for a future visit.


images and text belong to the National Geographic, Lincoln Park Zoo and World Wildlife Fund