Yelp Eat24 Desktop

Yelp Eat24 Desktop


Old Yelp Eat24 Desktop


Desktop Homepage



Homepage is visually dense and distracts from the main user action, entering an address. Delivery/Pickup option is confusing.


Simplify Delivery/Pickup selection and create visual clarity to decrease user cognitive load.



Confusing inputs

'Delivery & Pickup' is a confusing third option. A bulk of users simply change the selection to either Pickup or Delivery. A binary selection is easier to understand and also keeps consistency across our other desktop pages.



Misleading icon

Some users mistake the address field as a food or cuisine search, due to the search icon. A location relevant icon will increase user comprehension of the address field.


Exploration A

This design wasn't effective because user testing showed that the Pickup option was hard to find because it was hidden in the dropdown. Location icon is helpful but looks disabled.


Exploration B

Delivery/Pickup are both clearly visible, but it is far too prominent and was distracting from the main address interaction during user tests. Home icon for the address field is too specific because users do not always order food to their homes.


Exploration C

This mock suffers similar hierarchy problems as exploration B does. Delivery/Pickup overpower the address field. This is especially an issue without an address icon.


Final Design

A bright location pin icon for the address field, an inline radio selector for Delivery/Pickup and a taller image, all contribute to a clearer and more user focused design for the Yelp Eat24 Homepage.



  • high confidence home to order completion, converting 0.4% - 2% better
  • estimated 1k lift in monthly orders
  • estimated 2.9k order revenue lift monthly