Plush App

Plush App

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Plush is a digital marketplace for plush toys. Explore, favorite and buy everything plush.



Current plush toy buying experience is incredibly fragmented across multiple sellers and feels sterile/drab.


Create a unified marketplace with a colorful aesthetic that mirrors the product.


Discover Tab

Browse color coordinated categories of plush toys, or search for a specific item.


Item Details

View plush details, photos, price and description. You can also 'favorite' plush toys and edit other item specific features such as size and color.



View Images

Browse photos of plush toys without obscuring item details or blocking the 'Add to Bag' button. 



Log in to your account to access your favorited plush toys, view followers and their favorites, plus access settings and purchase history.



Add and edit items in your bag before you checkout.







Edit Bag

Quickly edit item quantity, size or color without leaving the cart screen.